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Google’s Hot Searches Facility Refreshed

Google has recently revealed the list of “Hot Searches” owing to its web facility aka Google Trends. The public web facility singled out related searches and additional information concerning all trending queries.

Going to the “Hot Searches” you will notice that as of June 12 there are three main searches such as Apple, Robin Roberts, and the LA Kings. The web facility provides users with the number how many times each of searches has been “googled’. Thus, Apple has been searched for over half a million times for past few hours.

“Hot Searches” service gives users an opportunity to observe a list of the fastest rising search terms within the U.S. to know the public collective head. Nimrod Tamir, Google software engineer wrote in his blog post that Hot Searches has been updated, thus making the list more visual and letting users see additional information on a required search.

The Google searching service in some way resembles trending topics on Twitter allowing users to find out what is happening on the web right now, in what people are interested in the global meaning. The service offers to know breaking news and involve in national dialog. Using special algorithm for analyzing million of searches, Google classifies them and makes public. In addition, Hot Searches’ data is updated each hour.

According to Tamir, Hot Searh has got the following new features:

  • The updated version has a special filtering system that guarantees the accuracy of the list with really hottest news stories of the day.
  • Related searches includes search terms that refer to the same story, providing users with most precise information.
  • Users now have an opportunity to know the quantity of searches conducted for each topic for the last 24 hours. 
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8 comments on “Google’s Hot Searches Facility Refreshed
  1. ihxo says:

    Thanks for sharing this update on Google Trends

  2. aaalatTeepbema says:

    Google is going to take over the world

  3. Chucker says:

    I can’t believe Google still has this feature going when they have removed tons of useful features in the last few years. It is a cruiosity, nothing more. Something you look at maybe once every 2 years!

  4. gar says:

    I think, if you have a page with a good standing in Google News, you can try to get some buzz. But for SEO it´s not more than just “interessting”

  5. Daver says:

    I am disappointed that Google didn’t hold a press conference for this. I wanted all the journalists to fly from all over the country, see a 45 minute presentation on the history of hot and cold searches and finally see the new feature. Wasted opportunity by Google.

    • Chopper says:

      The Maps event(to which it seems you’re referring) was interesting. Yes, near the end of the history/good for the world part, I did want them to move on, but that was only because I really don’t care about saving people from landmines. Maybe I’m just a bad person, but I care more about them having 20 petabytes of imagery than that.

  6. Lukeskymac says:

    I’ve never used or heard of hot search before.

  7. A says:

    Will make p0rn websites search hotter for sure .

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